Write Yourself Alive: Day Three – Schnitzeling

Today’s Prompt: Invent a new word and define it. Let it replace a feeling, action or idea that you believe the world needs, yet you have found no other way of expressing. Incorporate it to your vocabulary and start using it.

This one started as a joke today, and quickly became fitting when I read the day three prompt! I hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend.

Schnitzel with Baby Shrimp & Hollandaise at Elisabeth’s Chalet. This was my dinner tonight with Chelsea (pictured), one of my best friends.


[shnit-suh l-ing]

(present tense verb; past tense: schnitzeled)

  • Partaking in a hearty, delicious meal (read: comfort food) paired with good company (optional: good beverages, alcoholic or otherwise) in celebration of the fact that life is good. Especially effective as a reminder when one is overwhelmed, or simply as a positive, celebratory way to end a day.
  • “Man, I’m so glad we schnitzeled tonight. I’m entering a food coma, but it was worth it.”
  • “This week’s been pretty tough, eh? We need to go schnitzeling ASAP.”
  • “To err is human, to schnitzel, divine.”

Write Yourself Alive: Day One – Creativity is Your Birthright

Hello. It’s been a while.

Today, I’ve the privilege of starting 30 days of writing, led and inspired by Tyler Knott Gregson and Andréa Balt. With their guidance, I’m excited to participate in Write Yourself AliveNot only will I learn and be inspired… it’s also brought me (long overdue) back here to you, where I intend to continue writing in the days to come. It’s about time I took the opportunity to focus on this. Life getting in the way is not an excuse, it never was, and this is my way of pushing those excuses aside.

This photo was taken 9 or so years ago. Fitting.

Today’s Prompt: Reflect over the past 10 years of your life and write the decade-younger YOU a letter, as if you were catching up with an old friend. Include 5-10 life lessons learned so far that you would share with this younger version of you.

Hmm. Nice. Here we go. Read More »