I should really post more regularly…


And for that I apologize!

Work takes precedence in my life and now before I know it, we’re practically halfway through the year! Crumbs. This will change, I promise!

This post will be quick, with a recipe that I need to share for Marjory! I got a hankering for scones and tea tonight, so I ended up with Cream Tea at 10pm. Here’s the recipe, folks – it’s scaled old-school and not by weight, but everyone has measuring cups lying around, right?

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After being inspired to create my own version of Kevin & Amanda‘s Lasagna Cups a few nights back (I used all Italian sausage, and then I didn’t use shredded cheese at all, dolloping the tops with some Boursin instead), I decided to delve into my fridge to see what else I could make, since I still have a ton of Wonton wrappers left. And then it struck me.

Spana-CUP-ita (See what I did there? Did you? Did you?!)

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