Friday Five: Favourite Music of 2017

Hello hello. As we speak (type), I’m running on one hour and fifteen minutes of sleep and eating airport hash browns and scrambled eggs. In a few hours I’ll be boarding my Alaska Airlines flight to Portland, Oregon, for my birthday this weekend. As most of you know, I’ll be attending the Walker Stalker Con / Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Convention (Fan Fest Portland) on Saturday and Sunday and I’m stoked beyond belief.

In case you missed it, I posted a mega guide to convention-ing split in two parts so visit those posts here:

  • Part One: What Con To Attend, Ticket Purchasing, Buying Photo Ops & Pre-Sold Autographs, and Planning Ahead
  • Part Two: Special Requirements, What to Bring/Wear, Autographs & Selfies, Photo Op Etiquette, The Merch/Artists Area, and More!

Today’s post was fitting given that I have earbuds in right now! Music is in my blood. I’ve been singing and playing instruments from a young age and I love listening to music regardless of what mood/situation I’m in. Whether I want to jump around in my room or unwind and relax, you can usually find me humming along, bobbing my head, or singing at full volume.

These five artists were with me all throughout 2017 – I even got to see 3 out of 5 in concert last year! So here I am, wanting to tell you about them all. Let’s go!

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