#JKTravel2015: Los Angeles – Where We Went

Each day Karrie and I spent in the Los Angeles area was filled with a lot of sun and a hell of a lot of fun. No matter what your budget is, there’s something fun for you to see or do in Los Angeles! Other than paying for our Uber rides, we spent very little on these excursions (save for the very last one), so I’ve gotta say, they were all definitely worthwhile!

We’re skipping (most of) the tourist hotspots such as the Chinese Theatre and tourist traps like Madame Toussaud’s… so follow us and learn about…

Everywhere we went in LA

I want to thank Karrie for taking a good majority of these photos with her camera (or my phone). Girl’s got mad skills. From the cheapest (free!) to splurgiest – see what works best for your next trip!

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#JKTravel2015: Los Angeles – Where We Ate: Brunch Edition


Food, glorious food.

It goes without saying that food is a huge, huge part of my travel experience, and so it should come as no surprise to you that I’m devoting an entire post several posts to it. With a few exceptions (namely the two restaurants participating in my west vs east burger challenge), I’ll be posting about all the other meals I had in the next two posts, from breakfast to supper and everything in between. I’ll admit, most places did not lend themselves to result in good photography, especially for dinner with how dimly lit the restaurants were, but Karrie and I tried our best!

Do enjoy – I can tell you with certainty that we did! 🙂

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