England 2014: Day 5 – Houses of Parliament & Winchester

London. My beautiful, beautiful London. 

It was so surreal to drive through the London streets and recognize things from six years ago. When we woke up on Thursday, I couldn’t even believe we were there.

Shenanigans. (iPhone 5)
Shenanigans on the bridge. (iPhone 5)

Join me today on this post – briefer than my previous ones – for the first half of Thursday, July 31st, where we venture out of London to Winchester – the formal capital city of England. Read More »

England 2014: Day 4 – Hello, Oxford!

On Wednesday morning, July 30th, we bid adieu to Bath, our home for the past 3 days and 3 nights. The next leg of our England adventure took us to Oxford. This day would prove to be an epic whirlwind, as we dropped in, spent the day, and zipped right back out again! Fortunately, it was yet another amazing day.

Myself and the sestra before Christ Church College. (Nikon S9700)
Myself and the sestra before Christ Church College. (Nikon S9700)

As you can probably imagine, there were several moments during this day that moved me to absolute tears; I was absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of history and creative energy that surrounded us here. J.R.R. Tolkien is one of my life heroes, and on July 30th, 2014, I was able to walk in his footsteps for a day. Read More »

England 2014: Day 3 – The Pillars of The Earth and The Ride of My Life

Here we are at Day 3! Tuesday, July 29th was a departure from the day prior; instead of being part of a tour all day, the sestra and I were left to our own devices and we ventured out on our own. Once again, I can’t tell you enough how pleased I was and am with the rail system in the UK. We were entirely dependent on the network during our trip, and it was great! This post features delicious breakfast, a towering spire, some more history, and this:

Myself and the sestra on an epic Boom Trike, factory built in Germany. (Nikon D3100 © Stewart Mackay, Razorcat Tours)
Myself and the sestra on an epic Boom Trike. (Nikon D3100 © Stewart Mackay, Razorcat Tours)

Yes. That happened. Read more to see how the rest of the day went! Read More »