England 2014: Day 3 – The Pillars of The Earth and The Ride of My Life

Here we are at Day 3! Tuesday, July 29th was a departure from the day prior; instead of being part of a tour all day, the sestra and I were left to our own devices and we ventured out on our own. Once again, I can’t tell you enough how pleased I was and am with the rail system in the UK. We were entirely dependent on the network during our trip, and it was great! This post features delicious breakfast, a towering spire, some more history, and this:

Myself and the sestra on an epic Boom Trike, factory built in Germany. (Nikon D3100 © Stewart Mackay, Razorcat Tours)
Myself and the sestra on an epic Boom Trike. (Nikon D3100 © Stewart Mackay, Razorcat Tours)

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England 2014: Day 2 – Cheddar, Glastonbury, Wells

I awoke on Day 2 minutes before the crack of dawn… all thanks to a flock of seagulls seated outside our window whose call sounds a lot like an obnoxious cackle (I heard it plenty during the Bath leg). It was just as well, however, since Day 2 had us scheduled to join Mad Max Tours’ Cheddar Gorge, Glastonbury, & Wells Tour. 

The obligatory jump shot. (Nikon S9700)
The obligatory jump shot at Glastonbury Abbey. (Nikon S9700)

Plenty of photos lie ahead in this post (and the posts ahead), along with my review of our Mad Max experience. Let’s take a gander, shall we?

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England 2014: Day 1 – Travel & Arrival in Bath

Well, hello there.

If there was anything that would get me to (finally!) post here once more, it is – unsurprisingly – the epic, long-awaited trip I’ve just returned from. Based upon the time I’m writing this post (it’s currently 5:25am as I start this), you can tell my jet lag hasn’t quite shaken off; I figured it’s as good a time as any to get this series of posts started. Herein, I will detail my travels, experiences, tips & tricks, and pros & cons of certain products I availed of during my trip, which will hopefully inspire you to travel and give you some insight next time you’re in the same regions!

Flying over England minutes before we landed at Gatwick Airport. (iPhone 5)

Now join me, gentle viewer, and follow along in the next several days as I detail my epic journey.

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