#JKTravel2015: Los Angeles – Where We Stayed

Though I’d just been to Los Angeles a year prior with Lizzreturning over Easter last month with Karrie was fresh and new for me – we saw sights I’d not seen, ate amazing food, and overall just had an absolute blast of a time. I’m glad to report back that I’m finally here to talk about it and resuscitate this site, so thanks for tuning in!

Los Angeles was beautifully sunny when I landed, a sharp contrast to the chill of Vancouver’s early spring. After an hour or so wait, Karrie joined me, and by midday we found ourselves walking west along Hollywood Boulevard, hauling luggage, avoiding tourist trap offers of creepy, paparazzi-esque driving tours through where celebrities reside, and finally arriving at our home for the next four nights: The Hollywood Roosevelt.

Named after Teddy the US President, this 12-storey building was built in 1927 and is now a landmark and historical icon in Hollywood.
Named after Teddy, the US President.

Let’s take a tour, hmm?

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