Friday Five: 2017’s Best Fandoms

Welcome to my very first Friday Five!

Every Friday, I’ll be posting on a specific topic that were/are my top five [insert category here] – this’ll cover anything and everything from fandom to travel to restaurants!

First up, I wanted to look back at 2017 and five fandoms that made a lasting impact on me. Whether my brain broke because of excellent storytelling, I obsessed over certain characters, or the film or show ended up bringing me closer to fellow fans and friends, each of these five made an impact on me in 2017. Now take note, choosing these five doesn’t mean I think they’re perfect or infallible (and, in fact, as you’ll see in my discussion below, I’ll mention quite the opposite) but they have, nonetheless, left an impression.

Be warned, there will be spoilers below for the latest seasons of these shows/the plot points of these films!

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*tap tap* Is This Thing On?

Well hello there! Happy 2018!

If you’ve followed along with my life on my other forms of social media, then you’ll know that I’ve had an incredibly busy last long while. Real life came first with work and family,  and all of that essentially ate my brain.

While my absence was borne out of necessity, it also unfortunately killed my creative outlets beyond my Instagram which, to be honest, was complete bummer! I’m at my creative best when I have writing and photography together tied in with all my other passions: fandom, food, travel, music, makeup… and everything in between, and the last eighteen or so months had that stifled. Well, it’s a new year and mostly-the-same-but-better-me has decided to take the reins and bring that back to life.

I’m delighted to let you know that The Shortcrust is back in action and it’s also going to be updated regularly. We’re talking multiple times a week! I already have the entirety of January scheduled, with more to come.

Next weekend, I’m flying out to Portland for my birthday which happens to coincide with Walker Stalk Con / Heroes & Villains Fan Fest. I’m incredibly stoked for that and will be featuring plenty of posts connected to it – from tips on how to pack and how to prepare for a convention to hotel and restaurant reviews and plenty of fandom fun in between!

So for now, I hope you have an amazing day (or night, wherever you are) – and I’ll see you back here on Friday!

January Favourites

Hello, y’all!

One of the regular features that I’ll be bringing to this site are monthly favourites! At the end of every month, I’ll go through things that were on my radar – whether it’s a movie, a song (or an album), beauty products, restaurants & food… you name it. If I loved it a ton that month, I’ll feature it here!

2016 started off great – I turned 27 a few weeks ago and I’ve gotten back into the swing of things at work after Christmas break.

Now let’s dive in!

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