27 things on my 27th

Well hello there.

Today, I am 27 years old. Officially at that age where I can say I’m close to 30, officially at that age where I can look back on the last decade of my life and measure up what I’ve done, what I’ve yet to do, and what I’ve accomplished. It’s a dizzying, heady feeling and it’s easy to have it overwhelm me if I’m not careful!


Instead of focusing on that, I thought this site’s revival was long overdue, and an appropriate way to celebrate is to look back on 27 reasons why the heck I was so busy in 2015 in the first place. (Spoiler alert: travel involved).

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England 2014: Day 6 – St. Paul’s, Duck & Waffle, and More

Hi folks!

Today, we’re heading to The City, where we got to see St. Paul’s Cathedral, Leadenhall Market, and dine at Duck & Waffle, before dropping by the Museum of London, then finally the Tate Britain right next to our hotel.

St. Paul's, featuring the London Eye in the distance. (Nikon S9700)
St. Paul’s, featuring the London Eye in the distance. (Nikon S9700)

In spite of some threatening grey clouds, the weather continued to hold wonderfully for us, and by some miracle would continue to do so as our vacation carried on. Let’s go, shall we? Read More »