Write Yourself Alive: Day 29 – Antagonist

Today’s Prompt: Imagine you’re the villain in a story. Fictionalize and vilify your real traits to create a character out of your shadow self. Stay away from extremes. Give your villain self some good qualities, but let the shadow take over. What would he / she / you do as a villain?

The Retrochoir of Winchester Cathedral, July 2014.
The Retrochoir of Winchester Cathedral, July 2014.

She loves fiercely. Too fiercely, in fact, that it blinds reason. When she focuses – fixates = on one mission, one thought… nothing else matters. She’s determined, that’s for sure. Nothing will stop her from getting what she wants, when she wants it… and it doesn’t matter who or what is in her way.

She’s selfish. It doesn’t matter what you do, or say, or think. It’s her way or the highway. It’s her future that matters. It’s her needs that must be met. She’ll help you if you need it, sure, but she sure as hell has something to get out of it in return.

She keeps to herself. She likes deafening silence, likes hearing the sound of her own thoughts, her own pounding chest, the ghosts that keep her company. While she doesn’t turn company away, she doesn’t seek it out, either, much preferring the idea that she relies on no one else but her own self. Isolation is welcome. It gives her room to think. To plan.

She is friendless, loveless, alone, and it suits her just fine.

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