Write Yourself Alive: Day 26 – Workspace

Today’s Prompt: Describe your ideal work / creation space. Don’t limit yourself. Say what it looks like (in detail), what it smells and feels like. Paint pictures with words, as if you were trying to convey it to a blind person.

Ben & I. July 2014.
Ben & I. July 2014.

I see lots of bright, natural light. Open space. Large windows that look out towards a beautiful view of Capability Brown gardens… or perhaps Wren (or Wren-esque) architecture. Being a stone’s throw away from a city (or transportation that leads to the city) filled with history and culture is absolutely vital to me. I can’t live in a super-slick, ultra-modern city. I mean. Well. I could. But I’d rather not.

Beneath the old school, classic charm of the space would be – naturally – state of the art facilities, technology, and equipment. Everything from the best Mac computers to fantastic wifi signal and all the programs I’d ever need for design and photography. Adjacent to this desk would be my library, containing my hundreds upon hundreds of cookbooks and history books and food history books. Easy access means perfect research materials. Speaking of research — the last part of my workspace would of course be the test kitchen. Stainless steel appliances, marble counters, deep double sink. Double wall ovens, dishwasher, and a professional grade KitchenAid. My walls would be in shades of blue-grey, as would the furniture. Calm. Serene. Relaxing. With occasional pops of colour, like eggplant, or butter yellow. The art on the wall would be a mixture of classical and something likely Tolkien related. Oh, and there’d be a map on the wall, for sure.

Together, all of these elements create the perfect workspace for me, where I can write, cook, bake, create.

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