Write Yourself Alive: Day 21 – Affirmation

Today’s Prompt: What has been your most recurring
 or helpful creative affirmation so far? What deeper need could it be pointing to? What part of your creative self might need
 more nourishing?

Real names, real stories. On the train to Bath, UK, July 2014.
Real names, real stories. On the train to Bath, UK, July 2014.

Having family, friends, and even my boss tell me that writing truly is my passion and that I really have a knack for it is so reaffirming. I write blog posts and use my skills doing write ups for classes, tweets and instagram at work, too. That may not seem like much, but knowing that they trust me to do this and be paid for it is something that means the world. When people immediately turn to me for creative ideas or input, I appreciate it so very much because I feel validated as a creator of art.

I think I have a pretty good sense of humour, as well as a good grasp of literature and history, which allow me to put into words everything that I need to get across, and do it in an entertaining way that makes you want to read it all the more. It’s what I want to do. Talk about food, history, travel.

I can say with certainty that my current occupation doesn’t allow for nearly as much of this as I would like, so my worry is that my creative energy is… well… dying in a way, because it’s not being utilized. I know that I need more of an outlet, more opportunity, which this website thankfully provides, but I know I’ll need to quench my thirst for it sooner or later.

One day soon, right?

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