Write Yourself Alive: Day 16 – Lifegiving

Today’s Prompt: What 3-5 activities give you life that are seemingly unrelated to writing?

This was an interesting one, because I’m actually very much aware that all of these activities are entirely related to writing, in my opinion! These are the things I write about on a daily basis, actually, and have a direct correlation to why I love writing, too.

Highclere Castle, UK, August 2015
Highclere Castle, UK, August 2015

Being in England / Studying History. An obvious tie for first. If you know me at all, then this ought to be no surprise to you. I studied British history in university and it will always be a great love of mine. I’d live in England in a heartbeat.

day16-cTravel. Tied in to my first note is this. I will never tire of traveling the world. Seeing history in person, seeing cultures, touching architecture, tasting food… all of it gives me life.


Music. Listening. Composing. Singing. Performing. Every single aspect of music inspires me.


Food. Learning about cuisine – its history, components, sources… and of course, eating food… it figuratively and quite literally gives me life.


Friends and family. I wouldn’t be here without my friends and family. Their support, love, and guidance is what keeps me going every single day.

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