Write Yourself Alive: Day 13 – Go

Today’s Prompt: Open up Tumblr or Pinterest or Instagram, and write a short story, poem, or caption for the photos you see. Invent a reality that exists around circumstances in the photo and allow yourself to enter that world. Tag the people / photos you wrote about, if sharable.

Words to live by.
Words to live by.

“Go,” she thought, and smile graced her lips.

“Go,” she murmured, and she knew it was best.

“Go,” she sighed, stepping onto the plane, and she settled into her ever-awkward chair for the flight.

“Go,” she cheered, stepping out towards her next great adventure.

“Go,” she whispered, her awestruck eyes gazing over hills and valleys, seas and skies.

“Go,” she said, and so she went.

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