Write Yourself Alive: Day 12 – Purpose

Today’s Prompt: Create a 5-point manifesto on why you write. Write the first reasons that come to mind. Don’t overthink or overdo or try to make sense of it all. Work with the heart alone on this one. Whatever comes bursting out of you, is usually the most pressing matter.

Ice on the window as we fly over Greenland, August 2014.
Ice on the window as we fly over Greenland, August 2014.
  • I write for me. First and foremost, I write for myself. It brings me absolute joy to write, to bring stories to life, to record memories, to create.
  • I write for you. I love sharing it with readers, whether it’s a recipe or a travel diary.
  • I write because I have a story to tell. I hope my stories, my travels, my words make people laugh, cry, think. I hope they learn from my writing. I hope they’re inspired by my writing. I write because I want people to feel.
  • I write for the future. The written word is an art form that must be preserved at all costs. I write and document my work so my future children can look back on these memories with me. I write to make sure I don’t lose touch with it, so that I can inspire others to be the same, and we can all pay it forward. I never want the written word to die out.
  • I write just because. Sometimes, the best reason is not having a reason at all. Spontaneous urges to write and have ideas flow from your mind and heart to your fingertips is such a beautiful thing. So when it strikes me, I just let it happen. You should too.

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