Write Yourself Alive: Day 11 – Daybreak

Today’s Prompt: Try to illustrate aliveness through a short poem, story or reflection about yourself. Describe yourself in the third person in your most optimal creative flow and deep connection with the whole of life. Include sensory details (sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing).

The Carousel at Hong Kong Disneyland, December 2014.
The Carousel at Hong Kong Disneyland, December 2014.

She takes a breath of morning air and is brought back to life. Renewed. Rejuvenated. Revived. Though she misses the comfort of bed, the warmth beneath her blankets, the cushion of pillow against her head, she is glad to be up and about.

Seeing the horizon start to glow purple and pink, then red and orange as the sun rises over it brings another day, another page in her story. It brings her hope. It keeps her going.

Smelling the grass, the pine, the sea air. Smelling sweet spices, seared meats, bread and cookies baked fresh. Hearing the hum of city life as it wakes, of whirring machines in a kitchen, of pots and pans clanging together. The whole world is revived, day in and day out.

Feeling buttons click beneath her fingertips is oddly calming. Whether it’s her keyboard, the shutter button of her camera, or buttons on her Kitchenaid, she is creating. She is designing, dreaming, desiring something into being with her art and her creativity.

Feeling the earth beneath her feet is just as relaxing. Pavement. Grass. Cobblestone. She is traveling: seeing, experiencing, adventuring, living. 

The earth brings her to life, and she brings life to the earth.

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