Write Yourself Alive: Day Five – Fear

Today’s Prompt: If you only had one week left to live, what is the last story / poem / letter or reflection you would write? What would you put on your last page? What are the most pressing words you would want to leave behind?  Write them now.

Glastonbury Abbey, UK. July 2014.
Glastonbury Abbey, UK. July 2014.

The end is really just the beginning.

I’m afraid because I don’t know what happens next.

This will be my greatest adventure of all, and my one chance to look back on everything that came before it.

I’m afraid because I’ll be traveling alone.

No flight, no train ride, no ferry will ever prepare me for this.

I’m afraid because there’s still so much to do.

Leaving the people I love behind will be the worst part.

I’m afraid that I’ll be an utter disappointment when I reach those Pearly Gates.

Where do I go?

What happens to me when I get there?

Does anything even happen at all?


Some questions aren’t meant to be answered. Not in this life, anyway.

No more regrets. No more living life half-assed.

If I have seven days, then I’m living each to its fullest. I’m living each with the people that matter.

I’m sorry.

I love you.

Thank you.

You’ll know if one, or two, or all three of the above statements are meant for you. I’m sorry if they came later than we’d wanted them to.

I’m still afraid.

The train’s leaving the station.

Let’s hope this last ride isn’t as bumpy as the others.

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