Happy New Year!

Three days in to 2013 – I hope you all had an amazing holiday! I’ve had a nice, (mostly) quiet time with family, including a nice staycation at a hotel downtown for a few days! I’ve a few more days to go before work resumes, so I’ve been making the most of it by sleeping late, watching Downton Abbey (that Christmas special!!!!!) and obsessing over Eddie Redmayne with my best friend.

…but that’s neither here nor there.

Prepping cards for all my treat boxes.
Prepping cards for all my treat boxes.

Back in November, I had the awesome opportunity to order a personalised custom stamp from Ian and Eunice of My Rubber Stamp. I’ve one of a return address, which, if we correspond by snail mail, chances are you’ll have seen over Christmas! Aside from that, however, I got this awesome one, as seen above… which, if you receive sweet treats from me in the future, you’ll see plenty of. I love it! And I love that, since I’m stamping manually… there’s such a rustic, imperfect quality to it.

Over the Christmas holiday, I was in the kitchen so, so much, but I wasn’t baking half as much as I’d liked! I was cooking.

This is the menu I did up for Christmas Eve (which is when we do our big feast) – I’ve got photographs of it all, and I’ll show you a few in the future (as they’re on my brother’s camera). I started at noon and we ate dinner at 7pm. Not bad, hmm? 🙂

What was your favourite thing to munch on this holiday?

I’ll be around here much, much more from now on… and look out in the next day or two as I whip up some ridiculously easy Lasagna Cups and Spanakopita, and some of my favourite sweet treats with my birthday forthcoming!

Happy New Year, everyone. I look forward to a new chapter in this journey with you. 🙂


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